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Is Facebook an addiction…What you think | Facebook

For most, Facebook is a beneficial and fun way of interacting with others online. However, a few users declare to be addicted or passionate about FB and feature problem logging off even when they have been on for hours.

What is it about Facebook that makes it doubtlessly addictive? Below, the best social media advertising and marketing agency provides a list of possible reasons for Facebook addiction. As you read although the reasons, keep in mind the route that now not each point applies to each FB user. However, when you have a Facebook account you'll possibly locate that at the least some apply to you.

Reasons for FB addiction

1)    Minimal Effort Catch-Up

The format of Facebook allows users to trap up with friends and circle of relatives with, let's accept it, minimal attempt. Posts are normally quite quick (both to make and to read). One quick fame update that goes out to all of your pals, a quick comment on a photograph, or a quick "like" and you are achieved.

2)  …

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